Style: With battery
This is your chance to be one of the first golfers to own this unique device. We are  now taking pre-orders. We would love to have you using our product on the course as soon as possible. We thank you for your support!

Note: The battery pack pictured is o
ur patent pending design that accepts different size battery banks. From large to small. 10,000 MAH. USB C and USB A ports.
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Compatible with all Magsafe enabled phones.

Style: With battery
Using most of the modern features

Simplifying the way golfers use, store, and charge their mobile device while on the course.

Perfect set up

Features of the #1 Phone Mount for Golfers

Everything you get with Magnacaddy out of the box.

Do you run out of battery on the course because of your GPS tracking? This NEW innovative phone mount solves all your problems. It mounts directly to your cart, holds your phone in place, and provides you with battery when most needed.Golfers are ravving about this new product!

Magsafe Charger

Securely attach and charge your phone at the same time with our extra-strong 5-Volt, USB-C, charger rated at 1.8 KG pull strength.


Provided metal backing for older devices.


Our silicone sleeve and high-grade ABS plastic fit most battery packs.


Our silicone stabilizer keeps your device steady in rough terrain.


Adjustable straps allow you to attach Magnacaddy to your bag, cart or anywhere you desire.


We provide a 3 AMP, USB-C, charging cable out of the box so you are always juiced up.

Product Functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

Magnacaddy is designed by golfers, for golfers. We've got you covered!

Battery Compatibility

Magnacaddy's silicone sleeve housing accepts nearly all types of batteries -- small, medium and large. You can even use your own battery packs!

Phone Compatibility

Our metal ring adapter makes sure your older device is also able to be used. Simply apply the metal ring to your device and it will connect to Magnacaddy.

Charging Cable

Our charging cable is USB C to USB C charging cable. Connects from the battery pack to the Magsafe charger.

Will my phone fall off the charger?

We use the strongest magnet available. 1.8 KG pull
strength. Check out all of our strength and course tests here.

For extreme rough terrain, we have included a silicone safety strap.